86% of respondents have pride in being portuguese

Are the Portuguese very or little united? Around what? This was the starting point of the Opinion Study “O QUE UNE OS PORTUGUESES” (What Unites Portuguese), sponsored by the Chamber, conducted by CESOP (Center for Studies and Opinion Polls of the Catholic University), by Ipsos Apeme and commented by Professor Augusto Mateus during his presentation at the Main Hall of the Chamber and later on the TV show Prós e Contras presented by Fátima Campos Ferreira.

The work collected opinions and perceptions about the unity degree and factors, the involvement degree and the connection of the Portuguese people to Portugal and has shown that there is a strong sense of the Portuguese connection to their country: 84% of respondents feel connected or closely linked to Portugal. This data reveals that this emotional bond is the factor that most unites the Portuguese.

Brief conclusions:

  • 86% of respondents are proud to be Portuguese
  • Strong sense of connection to Portugal
  • Greater political transparency referred as necessary for feeling of togetherness
  • Portuguese are mobilized around major Portuguese landmarks
  • Portuguese are mobilized around major sporting and religious events
  • Portuguese consider themselves mostly united
  • Solidarity is the most reported uniting factor


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