The Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry requested the right to create an arbitration centre.  

The Portuguese Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Is An Institution That Has Fought For Years For A Modern Framework For Settling Disputes Using Arbitration In Portugal. It Requested The Right To Create An Arbitration Centre, After Portugal's First Voluntary Arbitration Law Was Created (Law No. 31/86 Of 29 August).
It Was Granted This Right In 1987 By Orders Of The Ministry Of Justice Nos. 9/87 Of 29 January And 26/87 Of 9 March.
Later, The Authorisation Was Updated In 2004 And 2005 (Orders Nos. 955/2004 And 26167/2005).


The Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry therefore created an Arbitration Centre, to which administrative and financial autonomy are assigned, directed by independent, autonomous bodies. Its aim is:

(a) To promote and disseminate the settlement of disputes using arbitration or alternative dispute resolution methods by organising and sponsoring dissemination actions, studying and deepening matters relating to disputes of an economic nature;

(b) To administer institutional arbitration proceedings and alternative dispute resolution proceedings in matters of an commercial nature, whether public or private, domestic or international;

(c) To provide services related to the administration of arbitration proceedings.


The Arbitration Centre, throughout its history, has managed to gain a position of reference in the area of arbitration, and not only administers arbitration proceedings but also organises events that are currently recognised as an important forum for discussion and dissemination of arbitration.


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