Hypercluster of Sea Economy

The study on the hypercluster of sea economy (“hypercluster da economia do mar") was written by SAER, coordinated by professor ernani lopes and financed by a group of companies, under the coordination of the chamber, which had taken the initiative. The study established as scope to double the gdp resulting directly from the sea economy, from the current 4%/ 5% to 10%/ 12%.

In this study, 13 policy areas were identified (referred to as components of the maritime economy) and about 90 lines of action were established.

To achieve them, three measures considered crucial to the successful implementation of hypercluster were proposed:

• The establishment of an Exclusive Council of Ministers for Maritime Affairs, chaired by the Prime Minister and with a Technical Support Office;

• The creation of Special and Exclusive Legislation, like it happened in other circumstances (e.g. Expo 98) where it was also present a national goal;

• The creation of a Business Forum of the Sea Economy, to bring together the main players committed to the different areas of the hypercluster, spurred by the initial action of the Chamber, and whose mission is to make the study's goals a reality.

The Business Forum for the Sea Economy was created in February 2010 and currently has 80 members.

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